Welcome to CLAWS.wcu.edu

Claws.wcu.edu is a web server at Western Carolina University exclusively for students and student organizations. The purpose of this server is to provide students with a web presence and a web-application development environment.

Account Name

Your account name will be the same as your Catamount Mail username (you must include the @catamount.wcu.edu.) and your password is your PIN number.
Your web address (URL) on this server will be http://claws.wcu.edu/accountname/ (Without the @catamount.wcu.edu).

For Example: Your username would be abjones1@catamount.wcu.edu and the URLwould be http://claws.wcu.edu/abjones1

Disk Quota

Students account disk quotas are set to 500 Mbytes. Disk storage is a limited and finite resource, so we ask everyone to do periodic account housekeeping.

Who is Eligible for this Server?

Currently enrolled students automatically receive an account on claws.wcu.edu. In addition university recognized clubs and organizations can request an account by e-mailing claws@email.wcu.edu.

How Long Do Accounts Remain on Server?

Student accounts will reside on the server as long as a student is enrolled at the university. Once a student graduates or leaves the university their account will be terminated.

Clubs and organizations will continue to have an account as long as they are officially recognized by the university.